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Dual Diagnosis e-Journal Now Available

What is Dual Diagnosis?  

Developmental Disabilities plus Mental Health Needs

 Any person with disabilities is at higher risk for having mental health diagnoses for a number of reasons.  In this journal you will find information about some of these reasons and also about medical issues that may cause behaviors that cause us to suspect there are mental health concerns.  You will become more aware of some of the signs to look for.  You will also find some stories of families who have dealt with the challenge of dual diagnosis and some tips from families about things that have been helpful to them.  Lastly, you will find information on some resources and places to go for more information.

 The Utah Parent Center has recently published an e-journal on Dual Diagnosis. This e-journal is part of a series published by the Utah Parent Center (UPC).  This material has been prepared to provide information and resources to both parents and professionals.  An electronic copy of this and previous journals along with supporting information is available on or through the UPC’s website at: www.utahparentcenter.org/publications/e-journals  


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