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IEP vs. Section 504 Plans: Which is Right for my Child?

Thanks to a special one-time grant from the Interagency Outreach Training Initiative (IOTI) in 2015-16, we were able to host this unique webinar on IEP and Section 504 Plans for students with disabilities.  Please take the time to complete the brief evaluation that will appear at the conclusion of the webinar. The feedback that you provide will help us as we plan for and carry out future training. Please click the title below to view the webinar.


IEP vs. Section 504 Plans:  Which Is Right for My Child?

Presented by:  Naté Deardon and Jennifer Slade, Utah State Office of Education
Recorded:  April 26, 2016
Length:  57 Minutes

Children with disabilities who qualify for special education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) receive services under an IEP plan. However, some children with disabilities do not receive services under an IEP but are instead served under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504). This interactive webinar, presented by Jennifer Slade and Naté Dearden at the Utah State Office of Education, will describe similarities as well as differences between the IDEA and Section 504. For some children, providing the appropriate modifications and accommodations they need is the only way they will be successful in their school experiences. A thorough understanding of the provisions of these two laws and how they differ can help you and your child’s teachers plan the most appropriate education for your child.

IEP vs. Section 504 Plans Webinar Handouts – Click on title to download.

IEP vs Section 504 Which is Right for My Child Slides
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