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Parent and Family Supports -Autism Specific

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Autism Information Resources at the Utah Parent Center
Phone:  801.272.1051 or Toll Free in Utah 1.800.468.1160

The Utah Parent Center (UPC or Center) has developed resources and a lending library targeted to autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Funds are received from several sources to support these activities including the Bureau of Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) at the Utah State Department of Health, private donations and other UPC grants and contracts.  When parents call the Center, they can expect to receive information on ASDs, peer support and access to various resource lists, newsletters and information sheets.Information about autism can be found under “Disabilities/Autism” and in the e-Journals, information sheets and resource list pages on the “Publications” menu of this website.

Utah Family Voices – Family to Family Health Information Center
Phone:  801-272-1068 or Toll Free in Utah at 1-800-468-1160
Website:   (National)

Because the needs of our children and youth are chronic and complex, parents and caregivers are often challenged with finding the resources to provide and finance services for their children.  A grant from the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) is currently funding Utah Family Voices to operate and sustain Utah’s Family-to-Family Health Information Center, housed under the Utah Parent Center to help address the various issues.  Through this project, Utah Family Voices assists families of children with special health care needs/disabilities and the professionals who work with them.  Utah Family Voices is staffed by parents of children with special needs who have experience and expertise in navigating the maze of services and programs.  The Utah Family Voices staff are available to assist you in finding evaluation, medical, and supports for your child who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Autism Council of Utah

The ACU has been instrumental in raising awareness of autism spectrum disorders in Utah and have played a big role in getting the new autism decals for Utah license plates. The ACU has created a “FastStart Checklist” to help families of individuals recently diagnosed with an ASD.  For more information on their services and the support that they can provide is available on their website.

Allies with Families
Phone:  (801) 433-2595  Local or Toll Free at (877) 477-0764 

Allies with Families, the Utah Chapter of the Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, was created in 1991 to offer practical support and resources for parents and their children with emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs. Allies with Families is an expert resource that can help your family in many ways.

Autism Information – Summit County
Contact: Joy Stanley by phone at 435-640-6427

Offers local parent to parent information and support

Autism Journeys Consulting

Phone:  (801) 766-8681
Autism Journeys Consulting recognizes that autism affects the entire family unit. They address the emotional needs of parents, siblings, and even extended family and friends as needed.

Autism Assessment and Treatment Center
Phone:  (801) 386-8069
The Autism Assessment and Treatment Center strives to enhance the quality of relationships and quality of life for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and their families. Being a parent of a child with an autism spectrum disorder presents special challenges and unique stressors. This group brings caregivers together in order to process what it is like to be a parent of a child with an autism spectrum disorder and provide much needed support. Call for meeting dates and times.

Autism Resources of Utah County
Autism Resources of Utah County is a council of parents, organizations and agencies collaborating to create integrated systems of support and treatment for individuals with Autism in Utah County.We are creating a comprehensive database of resources in Utah County that provide support and treatment to children and families living with Autism. 

Big MAKS Group – (Mother’s of Autism Kids) Salt Lake County
Email: Cheryl Smith at

Big MAKS Group – (Mothers of Autistic Kids) Davis County
Email:  Laura Anderson

Carmen B. Pingree Center for Children with Autism
Phone:   (801) 581-0194
Website: www.carmenbpingree.comThis center offers parent training classes and sibling support groups.

CTA Community Supports
Phone:   (801) 268-4887
CTA is dedicated to providing quality supports for people with autism and their families.

Easy to Love Hard to Raise
To provide a place for parents and family members to meet monthly and share experience, strength, give hope and awareness, to other families who have similar experiences raising children with ASD, ADD/ADHD, SPD, Anxiety and other mental health, developmental or behavioral struggles. Through sharing in this experience of raising these ‘hard to raise’ kids, we grow stronger and more resilient.

Families of Autism and Asperger’s Standing Together (F.A.A.S.T.).  
It is our goal is to help reach families of autism to provide a link to resources they need and to provide an avenue for support for families who are enduring the daily struggles autism can present.

Family Connection Center
Phone:  (801) 773-0712
The Family Connection Center is dedicated to protecting children, strengthening and sheltering families and individuals, fostering self-sufficiency, and facilitating a caring community.

Family Support Center
Midvale Phone:  (801) 255-6881
Salt Lake City Phone:   (801) 487-7778
The Family Support Center has a licensed and trained clinical staff that consists of social workers, psychologists, and marriage and family therapists to assist families and individuals in dealing with many of life’s various stressors. They also offer some autism respite care.

 The Family Support Center of Southwestern Utah  – Cedar City

Phone: 435-586-0791 
The Family Support Center has a licensed and trained clinical staff that consists of social workers, psychologists, and marriage and family therapists to assist families and individuals in dealing with many of life’s various stressors. They also offer some autism respite care. 

 Family to Family Network – A Project of the Utah Parent Center
The Family to Family Network is dedicated to educating, strengthening and supporting families of persons with disabilities. The Network is a grassroots volunteer group composed of family members across Utah who have a relative with a disability. There are local Networks all across the state of Utah that regularly host meetings and activities.

 Family Voices (Utah’s Family to Family Health Information Center)
Phone:  801-272-1068
If you live in Utah, and you have a child or a family member with a physical, mental, or developmental disability, then the Utah Family Voices website welcomes you. Utah Family Voices is all about supporting families of the disabled, and is run by parents of special needs children. If you’re here because your child was just recently diagnosed with a chronic health issue, or if you’ve been living with disabilities for a long time, you’ll find answers to many questions.

Fridays Kids Respite Care  
Phone:  Diane McNeill 801-494-9837
Location: Offers services in Orem, Salem and Lehi 
On Friday and Saturday evenings, caregivers bring their children with special needs to Friday’s Kids while they enjoy some well-deserved time off. Our volunteers spend one-on-one time with the children while parents get an evening to finish the laundry, run errands, spend time with their spouse, or simply relax.

Jordan Education Center 
Phone:  801-565-7442 
The Jordan Family Education Center provides support services and classes for families and students in Jordan School District. These services are provided by the District’s school psychologists and counselors. There are three quarters packed full of interesting classes and support groups covering a variety of topics like parenting skills, dealing with adolescence, attention deficit, anger, grief, single parenting, blended families, Social skills and Disability issues and many more

 Mom’s Night Out 
7:00-9:00 pm, third Thursday of Each month
Do you ever feel that you just need to get away for a night? Well here’s your chance. Join us for a Moms night out with other moms that have children with autism.

NAMI Utah 
Phone:  801-323-9900 
The NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program is a free, 12-week course for family caregivers of individuals with severe mental illnesses .The course is taught by trained family members. All instruction and course materials are free to class participants. Over 115,000 family members have graduated from this national program. In addition, this class has been translated into Spanish.

Neurobehavior Home Program 
Phone: 801-581-5515
Contacts: Patricia Galbraith, LCSW and Stephanie O’Brien, M.S.  
This is an free open group for parents of people with developmental disabilities and/or Autism spectrum disorders.  Group facilitators are licensed therapists with a background in behavior modification.   We meet on the first Friday of each month with the exception of January and July.

OPTIONS for Independence 
Phone:  (435) 723-2171 
OPTIONS for Independence is a non-residential Independent Living Center where people with disabilities can learn skills to gain more control and independence over their lives.

Tooele Autism Group (TAG) 
Phone:  (435) 882-6755
Or email Janell at
A Parent Support Group organized to help parents of children with autism spectrum disorders in Tooele County.  Children’s activities, networking with other parents of children with Autism and facilitating social activities for older teens and adults with ASD.

Tri Connections, Inc. 
Phone:  (801) 343-3900 
The maintenance and strengthening of the family unit is the objective of Family Support Services at Tri Connections. Supports are designed to help the family learn methods to manage and cope with the complexities and stress of supporting an individual with disabilities in their own home.

TURN Community Services 
Phone:  (866) 359-8876 
TURN supports people of all ages with disabilities who live in the community or in their family homes. They help each family develop a long-term plan based on the family’s present needs and future goals. Through family support services, people with disabilities, their parents, siblings, and neighbors learn new approaches and strategies to foster independence.  

Utah Registry of Autism and Developmental Disabilities 
Phone: (801) 585-7576 
Run by the State Health Department, the URADD website and brochures provide information about ASD and local resources.

Utah Youth Village 
Phone:  801-272-9980 
Families First is an intensive in-home intervention designed to teach parents skills to change the behaviors of their troubled children. Please download the brochure by clicking above for an in-depth description, including research results. The children in the families served have a variety of emotional and behavioral problems. Some have been diagnosed with mental illnesses, some are struggling with school behaviors, some are simply ungovernable, and others are reacting poorly to their dysfunctional family environments.

Online Autism Support Groups

Salt Lake City 
An online community for local Utah Mommies.  A special forum for Mother of Special Needs children is available. Also there are local get together and play activities.

O.A.S.I.S. – Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support 
Includes chat line for teenagers and adults with Asperger Syndrome 

Unlocking Autism.Org – National On-line Support Network 

AutismLink has many support resources including message boards and chat rooms.

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