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The Utah Parent Center has a variety of videos that are now available to view through the Utah Parent Center You Tube page or by ordering the DVD at no cost to you. 

Online Videos/DVDs are available on the following topics:

Transition from Early Intervention to Special Education Preschool

Parents as Partners in the IEP Process

Bullying Prevention: Everyone’s Responsibility

Positive Behavioral Supports

Section 504: Services for Students in Public Schools

From ‘NO’ Where to ‘KNOW’ Where:  Transition to Adult Life

Journey to Adulthood:  What Parents Need to Know about Puberty

Getting and Keeping the First Job


Meeting the Needs of Adults with Disabilities: Innovative Ideas, Community Living, Successful Employment, and Tips for Parents (9 videos on meeting the needs of adults with disabilities)

Families Living with Autism

To view the videos online, follow the links given above.  To order a FREE copy of the DVD, call (801) 272-1051 or (800) 468-1160.