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January 2015


Workshop- From “No Where” to “Know Where” Transition to Adult Services

Families of youth and young adults with disabilities have learned many things, but most admit that they have much more to learn. The transition to adult life can leave parents feeling they are “NO Where”- totally lost! Get to “KNOW Where” by learning about transition planning and related issues. We will also discuss how to prepare your teen to participate in the transition planning process.

Wednesday, January 7, 6:30 PM- 8:30 PM

Granite Education Center, D-102
2500 S. State Street, South Salt Lake  
Register online: or by calling Michelle Murphey at 801-833-3825 or the Utah Parent Center at 801-272-1051.


Workshop- Navigating Your Child’s Transition to Middle School and High School

The transition from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school is bound to create some anxiety for students and parents especially for parents of children with disabilities. Join us for an evening where we will discuss what can be done to help ease the transition and prepare your child for success. Information about timelines and expectations will be addressed. A specialist from Canyons special education department will be there to answer questions as well.

Tuesday, January 13, 6:30 PM- 8:30 PM

Canyons Technical Education Center (east building)

825 E. 9085 S. Sandy
Register online: or by calling Lynda Hansen at 801-708-1841 or the Utah Parent Center at 801-272-1051.


Workshop- Pro Se Guardianship

Guest Speaker: Anamarie Rodabaugh, Guardianship Associates of Utah

In a guardianship proceeding family petitioners can save money by choosing to represent themselves in the court process.  This is called Pro Se Representation. Guardianship Associates of Utah has over 12 years of experience teaching families how to represent themselves and is offering a free Pro Se training class for families who would like to act Pro Se as they seek guardianship of a family member. Families will be given all required court documents on a CD. During the training, families will be taught how to fill out these documents correctly. Families will learn how to file the documents with the court and how to represent themselves at the hearing. The CD will also contain detailed written instructions. This class takes two hours. It is recommended that you attend Basics of Guardianship before attending this class.

Tuesday, January 13, 6:30 PM- 8:30 PM

Vista Education Center, Rooms 1525 & 1535

97 South 200 East, Farmington
Register online: or by calling Roz Welch at 801-402-5120 or the Utah Parent Center at 801-272-1051.


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