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Upcoming Events

Unless otherwise specified all Utah Parent Center events are free.


May 2015


Workshop- Pro Se Guardianship

Guest Speaker: Anamarie Rodabaugh, Guardianship Associates of Utah

In a guardianship proceeding, family petitioners can save money by choosing to represent themselves in the court process. This is called Pro Se Representation. Guardianship Associates of Utah has over 12 years of experience teaching families how to represent themselves and is offering a free Pro Se training class for families who would like to act Pro Se as they seek guardianship of a family member. Families will be given all required court documents on a CD. During the training, families will be taught how to fill out these documents correctly. Families will learn how to file the documents with the court and how to represent themselves at the hearing. The CD will also contain detailed written instructions.

Thursday, May 28, 6:30 PM- 8:30 PM

Granite Education Center, D-102
2500 S. State Street, South Salt Lake
Register online: or by calling Michelle Murphey at 801-833-3825 or the Utah Parent Center at 801-272-1051.