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Utah Medicaid Data Breach


Latest Update 8/29/2012

You can call 1-855-238-3339 to find out if you or your child’s Social Security number was compromised during the security breach.  Please be aware that in order to check if your number was stolen you will need to provide it to the hotline.

Utah Health Department Data Breach Update

If you or your family members were impacted by this security breach that occurred in April (your social security number was compromised you have until September 30, 2012 to sign-up for free credit monitoring.  

FAQ about the Utah Health Department Data Breach


Q: What happened?

A: On March 10, 2012 computer hackers illegally gained access to a Utah Department of Technology Services (DTS) computer server that stores Medicaid and CHIP claims data. The thieves began removing data from the server on March 30, 2012. DTS detected the activity on April 2, 2012 and immediately shut down the server. As its investigation proceeded, DTS discovered data from eligibility inquiries (inquiries sent from health care providers to determine if patients are enrolled in Medicaid) was also stored on the server. This additional data included information from individuals who may not be Medicaid or CHIP clients.

The breach occurred due to an error on the server at the password authentication level, allowing the hacker to circumvent the security system. DTS has processes in place to ensure the state’s data is secured, but this particular server was not configured according to normal procedure.


Q: Can you tell me if my Social Security number was stolen?

A. We have compiled a list of all the Social Security numbers that were compromised. You may call the data breach hotline (1-855-238-3339) to find if your Social Security number was compromised.   This site is very secure and safe to enter your Social Security number.  In addition, a letter will be mailed to each individual whose Social Security number was taken. The letter will also provide information on how to take advantage of free credit-monitoring services for one year and other resources available to protect your credit. Call 1-855-238-3339

One may also visit www.health.utah.gov/databreach for contact information on how to monitor your credit, including how to place a fraud alert or credit freeze on your file.


Q: I called the hotline and confirmed my Social Security number was compromised but I have not received a letter with an activation code for credit monitoring. What should I do?

A: Call our toll free hotline at 1-855-238-3339; you will be prompted to enter #2 to speak to a customer service representative. Once you are on the line with a representative, they will again verify if your Social Security number was breached.   They will collect your name address, name of the breach victim(s), date of birth of the breach victim and phone number and pass it daily to the Utah Department of Health. The health department will issue you a letter with instructions to sign for the year of credit monitoring with an activation code.


Q: I received a letter with an activation code for credit monitoring but I threw the letter away or lost it. How do I get a new code?

A: Call our toll free hotline at 1-855-238-3339.   Be prepared to give your Social Security number in the automated system or by pass to speak to a customer representative, who will verify if your Social Security Number was breached.  Staff will gather critical information (name of the caller and breach victim(s), address, phone number and date of birth of the breach victim) so that the letter with an activation code may be sent.


Q: How do I get in touch with the Data Security Ombudsman?

A: Governor Gary Herbert announced the creation of the Ombudsman’s Office to provide a higher level of assistance to victims of the data breach. The ombudsman and her staff will focus on individual case management, credit and identity theft counseling referral, and community outreach. You can reach the Ombudsman via e-mail at:  ombudsman@utah.gov or by dialing the toll-free hotline 1-855-238-3339, hotline operators will take your name and number and the Ombudsman’s Office will return your call.

 The most recent information and updates on the breach will be available:  www.health.utah.gov/databreach


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